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Do you like this page? Thenclick here to bookmark it. It's totally kewl."); //--> wElCoMe To My WeBsItE ! ! ! ! ;*)
Hello. This is my totally awesome website. It's so kewl. If you wan't me to make you a website, I'll do it for cheep. Just email me and I'll build you a site, too.
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This is a picture of my dog, Thunder. He was born on August 5, 1994. He is my best friend. HE IS THE COOLEST!!!!!!
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I can make you a kewl web page too. It's CHEAP!!! All you have to do is... E-mail Me!!!!!
This is was my cat, Jonah, until he was hit by an ice cream truck in 1996. In memory of him... THis is my favorite movie: Star Wars
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